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one rep max

One Rep Max Sunday

Extended Strength & Conditioning Saturday Session where we can determine people’s one rep max in:
-bench press

Session is for Barbreck Studio people who have been working on Deadlift, Squat and/or bench press in either PT or classes.

Determine your One Rep Maxes then we can head out to refuel with some lunch!

£5 a person, if you hit the relevant numbers you get a free t-shirt.

Targets are 500 (green) & 700 (pink) for ladies
and 700 (blue) & 1000 (yellow) for the gents.

Getting to these levels will take a bit of work/time and most likely wont be done in one training cycle!

Rules: All three lifts must be done on the same day, add the total weight lifted across the three lifts and if it equals, or is more than, the set value then you earn the relevant t-shirt.

500lbs = 226.8kg
700lbs = 317.5kg
1000lbs = 453.6kg

Date of Event: 01-03-2015
Event time: 1 : 30hr

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